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“Made in The U.S.A. MATTERS!”


Here at The Carpet House, Inc. We take providing quality “Made in the U.S.A.” flooring very seriously.
What many people don’t realize is that our flooring products are  Made right here in The U.S.A!*

Used with permission from Mohawk Industries.

We feature a fantastic product called SMARTSTRAND…this carpet not only boasts durability, ease of cleaning and softness AND it is made from corn harvested here in Whiteside County!! *

Used with permission from Mohawk Industries.

And don’t forget our amazing selection of hardwood and laminate flooring!
Our line of Columbia products offer an excellent selection of newest colors and styles….All Made In The U.S.A.


Locally grown, harvested and crafted here in the United States. Our Classic American hardwood floors are designed to enhance any style of décor. Each floor with its own personality. Each floor as unique as your home.”
Beautiful, durable and quality flooring …ALL Made right here.YES!! Buying U.S.A. MATTERS: Providing jobs for our families and helping the American economy!

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So….next time you are thinking of rushing to the big box….THINK “MADE IN THE U.S.A” and stop by The Carpet House, Inc.
For over 17 years, we have offered FREE MEASURES AND NO-OBLIGATION QUOTES. So stop by our showroom located on Main Street In Morrison, I’m or call us at 815-772-8846!

* Only one of our carpet lines is not Made In The U.S.A. and that is our New Zealand Wool Line. But that’s ok because New Zealand is cool!!

* Many of our local farmers produce corn for the Co-op that provides the corn for Smartstrand. How do we know this? Well, we asked them!

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Reclaim Bathroom DIY IDEAS that we LOVE!!


Take an old pallet and use them to create a beautiful focus wall!! What a fantastic way to bring that WOW factor to a half bath.


Vintage is awesome and this idea has my wheels spinning. Taking a vintage bicycle and upcycling it into a vanity is stunning….and take a look at how they used the bicycle basket. ❤


I am a huge fan of antique furniture, so this idea of using a side table as a vanity is love at first sight!


The key to a beautiful bathroom is first impressions and this reclaimed barn door has it all! BEAUTIFUL!!


Last but not least, little touches like this make reclaimed DIY projects so much fun! How can you resist such a neat idea?!?

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In stock products that don’t skimp on style!

Big box stores….they have a lot! But you know what they don’t have? Us!!
Our staff at The Carpet House is amazing.
Jerry and Carol have been in the flooring business for over 40 years. If you have a flooring problem or question, chances are they have probably already answered it and know how to help! Their two daughters, Stephanie and Anne have been in flooring industry since they were children. Anne has her interior design certificate and is on top of all the largest trends!
We can’t forget about Melanie and Kim! Kim is fantastic at helping you find just then right flooring for your home. And Mel!! Mel is fantastic, not only is she one of the nicest people God ever created but she knows a lot about flooring and cleaning up after Basset Hounds! Lol!!

Besides our knowledgable and awesome staff, we also carry a wide selection of in stock flooring.
We currently have two styles of in stock vinyl!


Both of these are priced at $9.99 yd. THATS $1.11 sf!
(Big box store prices with knowledgable staff and quality service)


Our in stock carpets include this flecked frieze. This Carpet is a nice way to spruce up a spare bedroom or family room. Priced at $14.99 yd it is a great deal!!

ALSO DID YOU KNOW? We offer free measures and estimates! No cost to you. Just give us a call at 815-772-8846 to get an idea how much it would be to replace that old carpet! Might be less than you think.

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Stairway ideas that WOW!!

They can be a source of inspiration or decorating frustration. So we thought a few ideas might help turn that source of creative conundrum into a fountain of “I can totally do this!”

First: Does your family have a special saying, quote or scripture that exemplifies your family or home? Why not use those risers to inspire and express it!

Second source of inspiration: Rustic is fabulous! Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Its amazing what a touch of reclaimed wood can do to a dead space! And it looks georgeous!

Third bit to inspire: Lighting! I know right? Who knew something so obvious could have this much of a Wow effect!

Fourth Fantastic idea: Texture or patterned wallpaper. Take the mundane and make it extraordinary. With little expense and a little more effort this idea has impressive results.


Last but not least: Creative Combinations. I stumbled upon this beauty months ago on pinterest. Its files in my “Inspirations for the home I will never build.” The idea of combining wood and file is stunning.


Keep your eyes out for more inspirations and feel free to share your ideas! Or let us know which inspiration is your favorite.

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Smartstrand by Mohawk……The most amazing carpet EVER!!!

This post is biased! However, I am not employed by mohawk industries and I am not paid by Mohawk Industries to tell you about how amazing this carpet is. BUT…what I am is a mom of three kids under the age of eight. I am the wife of a welder and mixed martial artist. I like to clean….but to be honest I don’t LOVE it!

So if there is a product out there that makes my life easier, well, I am all for it. Smartstrand Carpet by Mohawk is certainly that product. So here is how it was…..

Family roomOne day my baby decided to dump her milk bottle on my carpet. Yep, she took the lid off that puppy and poured beautiful creamy milk right onto my lovely FORT ZACH Smartstrand Freize. The only problem was I didn’t know anything about it until a few days later when there was this wretched sour milk smell permeating every fiber of my being as I sat in my lovely family room. On my hands and knees I went crawling along until my stomach wretched and I found where the smell was coming from. I called up my mom and said, “AH, Mom! Help!” In her calm & soothing ” I’ve been there and it’s gonna be ok” voice, she said ” Come on out and borrow the steam cleaner. Clean the carpet and make sure to use bleach.”


“BLEACH?!?!” The first thing that popped into my head was a visual of my beautiful cream colored carpet with an equally beautiful bleach spot that I will forever have to cover with that lovely area rug.

But in all of my years, I have learned my mom is usually right. So I forced the ugly picture out of my head and drove to her house. I picked up the steam cleaner and then stopped at the dollar store for some bleach. I started in the far right corner, where the chair sits, so that if my mom was wrong….well…no one would notice. BUT it worked. Thirty minutes later that awful smell as gone, and so was all that ick and creamy yucky-ness. Later that week, my middle son spilled a whole bowl of cereal milk right on that beautiful freshly cleaned carpet. I bleached it again with no problems or color changing. (I also learned the valuable lesson of “NEVER let the kids eat in the family room ever again!”)

So what do you need to know about SmartStrand?

First – It is one of the only carpet products out there that has a ” lifetime stain resistance built into the core of the fiber. Other carpets use temporary, topical protections that wash and wear off over time, making the carpet difficult to clean.”

Second – I love products that make my life easier BUT I also love products that have sustainability and are good for our earth! While most products are made from P.E.T. (a recycled polyester) Smartstrand is made “in part with annually renewable plant-based materials that minimize our usage of limited natural resources.” This also enables mohawk to reduce the energy consumption in the manufacturing of all SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets. It’s good to know you can have the beauty, softness and durability you desire in a carpet without compromising the beautiful earth around us.

Like I said….I know this is biased but when a product is  good  GREAT….. You gotta get the word out about!

Right now The Carpet House is running some pretty fantastic sales on SMARTSTRAND PRODUCTS! So stop by check them out and see for yourself what this is all about!