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Berber is Back and is it a beautiful thing!

beaulieau woolThe Carpet House, Inc. is pleased to announce that Berber Carpet is making a comeback!

Unlike the berber of days gone by, Wool Inspirations by Beauleau comes in beautiful designer patterns and colors that are sure to make your room amazing!

Look at those beautiful patterns! Offering designer colors in subtle, yet stylish patterns but don’t let the word DESIGNER scare you! These berbers are easy to clean, durable and the prices ….well they’re not designer prices.

Starting at $18.99 yd (That’s $2.11 sf) and the highest priced Wool Inspiration Berber tops out at $24.99 yd ($2.78 sf)


Why do we think berber is making a comeback?

Because it’s beautiful, durable and quite the bang for your buck!!

Wait a minute? You have a few concerns?

Many express concerns that if one tuft pulls due to an exhuberant puppy or mischievous kids…how does it get fixed?

Check out this tutorial on a quick and easy fix!

How to Fix Berber!

So if durability, excellent cleanability, and great pricing are all things you love? Stop by and check out our new berbers.

Beautliful Textured Berber

Because at The Carpet House, Inc…..we are excited about berber making its way into the Living Rooms, Dining Rooms and Stairs all across the Midwest in 2016!

Stop in and check out Beaulieau’s Wool Inspiration Collection of Berbers!

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