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Exciting news: IVC Sheet Vinyl is HERE!

The Carpet House, Inc. is excited to announce the introduction of a brand new vinyl flooring line. ICV sheet vinyl: Made in the U.S.A., Durable and Beautiful!

IVC Sheet Vinyl is built to withstand the daily challenges of your household mess-makers.

When it comes to choosing home flooring, what’s most important to you? The look or color? Whether it’s a wood or a tile? How easy it is to clean and maintain? If it’s durable enough to handle your household’s daily challenges? Perhaps whether or not it will provide long lasting beauty? All of the above? Well you’re in luck because IVC US luxury fiberglass sheet vinyl flooring offers all those qualities and more.

Just check out these beautiful designs and imagine the possibilities!




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Whether you are looking to update a mud room, laundry room or kitchen….we have the perfect IVC Sheet Vinyl for your room! Stop in today at our showroom on Main Street Morrison or call us at (815) 772-8846 to set up your free measure and no-obligation estimate!

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