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Unusual Ideas for those who like to think “Out of the Box”


One of our all-time favorite posts is “Out of the box floors that will either make you freak, faint or say “fabulous”!”

The broken Mirror floor is freakishly unique and slightly disturbing!

We thought we would continue our saga into the world of “Out of the Box’ Flooring with more unusual ideas. Some are recycled products, reclaimed and some are just … well UNUSUAL! Enjoy!!

Reusing Old Belts to create a leather masterpiece! Different but a neat way to floor a hallway, small entry or add a touch of class to a closet.

Thesbottlecapfloore bottle cap floors are unique. A great way to reuse something that is common.

While I wonder about the cleanability of this floor, it truly is a unique beauty!

Source: The Owner Builder Network

This flooring designed to be an optical illusion is CRAZY!


Last but not least is a beautiful DIY pebble shower floor. Check out the tutorial at somethingfromnothing.

Simple but beautiful and elegent!

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