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The Low-Down on Laminate

Barrington Laminate source:

Laminate flooring. For some, the first things that comes to mind is cheap, imitation hardwood. But if you remain open minded, take the time to research, you might find that Laminate is an excellent choice. As we shared in our post “5 Tips on how to pick the right flooring”   There are a few things to keep in mind when buying new flooring: Location, Look and Feel, Budget, Maintenence & Longevity.

For many people laminate flooring is an excellent option. Why? Reason #1 Budget friendly. As Tasha shared in her blog post “Why we chose laminate flooring.”, Laminate floors are much more affordable than hardwoods, especially if what you want is a hand scraped look.”

Barrington Laminate Whiskey Barrell

When placed side by side: a hand-scraped laminate flooring and hand-scraped hardwood…..Our customers couldn’t tell a difference! The price difference is half what hard-wood is….that is pretty significant!

One of our employee’s all time favorite laminates is Barrington by Mohawk. (Pictured above in room view) The reason it’s liked so much is the quality of it’s rustic timeworn look. The wide 5″ board is embossed which give the laminate beautiful depth and a real wood look with the classic knots and pockmarks. Last but not least – Barrington is Made in the U.S.A.! How wonderful is that….beautiful laminate flooring supporting jobs right here!

Tarkett Essentials Collection source:

We also carry Columbia Laminate and Tarkett Laminate. Columbia Clic is well known for being an affordable laminate with excellent graphics and easy installation. Tarkett has amazing exotic looks and even a beautiful timeworn heathered grey wood look (that I plan on putting in our family room)

Maintenance and Longevity with laminate flooring go hand in hand. Laminate is easy to clean – we recommend vinegar and water with a soft sponge. (the trick is to use clean water and change it frequently as you clean.Then you won’t have those pesky streaks.) Longevitity – most laminates when properly maintained can last up to 25 years! In the front of our store, we installed a columbia laminate in the window…we had a horrible leak which caused water everywhere. We were concerned that the water would cause damage to the laminate. After airing out for a day or two, it looked good. That was two years ago! So laminate is certainly a product we have had experience with and highly recommend!!

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Smartstrand by Mohawk…..The most amazing carpet ever!!

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