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5 Tips on how to pick the right flooring!


Shopping for new flooring can be hard! Your expectations are high as you search for just the right flooring for your style and budget!

We came up with five practical tips to help you pick the right floor for your home!

Location: What room is the new flooring going into? A kitchen? A bathroom or bedroom? Different rooms do best with different floorings. Some flooring are more durable and better suited for certain rooms. Ceramic tile or Luxury Vinyl Tile like Permastone by Tarkett is well suited for a bathroom, sunroom or kitchen. While a beautiful carpet such as Smartstrand by Mohawk is the perfect way to add just the right touch of comfort to a bedroom.

hardwoodLook & Feel: Does soft and elegant sum up what you are looking for? or are you all about a specific color? Take a moment to decide what is most important for you! Some customers come in our store with a paint chip or countertop sample that they simply LOVE.They design everything around that!  While other customers are all about feel; they want soft carpet or they love the feel of hardwood beneath their feet. My favorites are the some customers who just don’t know what they like!! They take just about every sample of flooring home that we have and that is ok. Because its all about getting the look and feel that is just right!

Budget: Setting a budget when it comes to flooring is very important. It’s easy to walk into our store and fall in love with an amazingly beautiful Exotic Hardwood or Designer Patterned carpet but whether you can afford them is another question. One aspect to look at when picking new flooring is resale… are you looking to move in a few years? So having all new hardwood flooring installed, is that going to give you a boost when selling the home? or would a lovely less priced laminate give you the same return in resale and a little more cash in your pocket? Maybe you are looking at staying in your home for the next twenty years. You are able to afford exactly what you like and aren’t afraid to pay for high quality. The choice is yours.

downloadMaintenance: Maintenance is a bigger topic than people give it credit for. Budget is important and the look and feel of your flooring is equally so BUT maintenance is really the most important of all. What are your expectations when it comes to maintaining your flooring? Do you have three kids, a 120lb german shepard and a husband who is a welder?….Oh wait thats me!! When we bought our home I put a lot of thought into what type of flooring I was willing to maintain. Do I want to spend a few hours every day cleaning floors and vaccuuming or just a few hours each week? Which is why I didn’t put ceramic in my house. I chose to put Permastone by Tarkett because I was able to get the same classic tile look without the cracking when someone dropped something, scrub with a toothbrush grout lines and having to hear my husband complain about the cold tiles. That is also why I chose to put Smartstrand Carpet by Mohawk in my family room. Read more about “Why I chose Smartstrand!” or “Why this momma love her permastone flooring.” And just the other day when my two boys decided to see how far up the wall they could get the water in the bathtub….I was so glad I chose what I did! Three inches of water, easy clean up and a momma who had plans to clean that bathroom anyways!! LOL!

Longevity: Last but not least! How long do you want your floor to last? Many people replace their carpet ever 8-10 years but HARDWOOD, LAMINATE or CERAMIC can last up to thirty years or more. Every type of flooring has a lifespan, it is really important to do your research and have realistic expectations about your flooring.

Follow these tips, do your research and always take home your flooring samples! Live with them for a few days, move them around, check them out at different times of the day.


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  1. Thanks for going over some things to consider for finding the right type of floor. I’m glad that you mentioned to consider maintenance, and to consider how often you will spend maintaining it (like a few hours every day or week). Going to keep this in mind if I decide to get a new type of floor.

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