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Fall is a fabulous time but as the leaves begin to turn we are reminded winter is just around the bend. We have 7 tips to winterize and prep your home before the winter chill strikes!
TIP #1:
Clear downspouts and clean gutters. This tops the list of must does every fall but don’t overlook any clogs that may have accumulated over the summer!


TIP #2:
Check all grading around sidewalks and around the house. The key to this is to make sure that the mulch or dirt slopes away from the house. This is a tip where a little bit of effort makes a huge difference!
TIP #3:
Check or reapply weatherstripping on windows and doors. An important thing to remember about this is many weatherstripping adhesives only work above a certain temperature. So if you choose to procrastinate… could leave you in quite a predicament!
TIP #4:
Clean out the garage! Nothing is worse then having to clean a garage with a foot of snow on the ground and 18° weather! Now is the time to get organized pull out those snow shovels and fill up the salt bucket.


TIP #5:
Shut off all outside water faucets. This simple and easy tip can save you a lot of problems this winter!
TIP #6:
Pull the weeds along the sidewalk and driveway! Its pretty rough to experience  hitting a frozen weed in the middle of the sidewalk with your snowshovel. Its a bit body jolting….so save yourself the pain and pull those weeds.
TIP #7:
Trim any hanging branches. When the snow comes, the ice is coating everything, and the wind begins to blow you can sit cozy in your home with little to worry about! Those low branches were trimmed up during the fall!

These are just a few of the winter must do’s! Looking for a great way to get motivated?….Check out this printable list from Back to her roots blog.

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