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Area Rug Conundrum? Here’s a list of dos and don’ts


Area rugs are fabulous!
They add just the right touch of ‘Olaalaa!’ From a splash of color to an intricate design…area rugs are fabulous. BUT placing an area rug or picking the right size can be a cunundrum.

Pinned from Cost plus world market.

I love the above picture because it is such a great visual in helping pick and place the right area rug.
Here are some tips:
Tip #1: Don’t go to small! Choosing a small area rug only makes the room look smaller.
Tip #2: Consider your room. Will a large area rug work or would two smaller rugs add the right touch?
Tip #3: Color and print! Don’t hessitate to go with that huge splash of red, royal blue or that Chevron print you love! ❤ It’s your home make a place you love !!


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