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Is Vinyl Flooring Making a Come Back?

Vinyl flooring. A midwesterners favorite. Practical. Easy to clean. Inexpensive and pretty.
By all accounts…..YES!! Vinyl is making a comeback and here’s why!


Unlike the vinyl from my childhood; high gloss avocado green or burnt orange brick patterns. Todays vinyl has a simple elegance that entices many homeowners! Plus the price is amazing! Here at The Carpet House we carry a variety of in stock vinyl choices…..starting at $9.99 yd. That’s $1.11 sf!!


From beautiful tile patterns to rustic woods…..there’s a lot that impresses.


At The Carpet House, Inc, we carry Tarkett Vinyl Flooring and Congoleum. Check out the links below to see what this classic flooringhas to offer you. Durability, ease of clean and a cost effective BEAUTIFUL floor!!




(Looking for a fun article to read about a midwesterner lady who loves her vinyl…..check out this  link…Why I love my vinyl floor!)

2 thoughts on “Is Vinyl Flooring Making a Come Back?

  1. Thank you so much for including a link to our post about why we love vinyl!

    And such a small world – we are in the Quad Cities and are in Morrison at least once a month visiting family. I’d love to connect more! I’d certainly prefer to work with a local place!


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