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Back to school organization tips!

Create a command center!


A place for shoes, backpacks and those odds and ends that make their way home from school! Plus the boards above let you know the when and where of all those important things like football games, dance practice and the back to school dance!

Menus take all the guess work out of dinner!
This idea is adorable and takes the guess work out of that important question: “Mom, what’s for dinner?”


Shoes in the way causing the early morning rush to be even more hectic…try this brilliant idea by sawdust girl!! Simple and efficient, your mornings will be just a tad bit easier.


Last but not least – this idea is for those who love a creative Diy project!
Create your own color coded calender!


Use paint samples to Create this one of a kind DIY calender. What a neat idea and inexpensive too!!

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